“Dalian Developer”, the world´s largest ultra-deepwater drillship, equipped with Quantum RO fresh water makers.

“Dalian Developer”, the world´s largest ultra-deepwater drillship, equipped with Quantum RO fresh water makers. This unique vessel is designed for efficient and sustainable drilling operation. With a hull size of 291 m by 50 m, is designed to drill wells in international oilfields with high efficiency and safety in harsh environments and at ultra-deep water depths up to 10,000 ft (3,050 m) and drilling depths exceeding 30,000 ft (9,150 m). Built at China´s Cosco Dalian Shipyard, the vessel is capable of operating both as a drillship and upgradeable for well intervention capabilities, extended well testing and early field production.

Summary of DD attributes for oil capture A unique concept: the DD is the only mobile drilling unit in the world large enough to capture, process & store oil spills in excess of Macondo’sflowrateSafe, simple & reliable: this single asset solution means reduced interface complexity (operations / logistics / communications / procedures / flow splitting issues) compared with the multi-asset system used for MacondoOnly tried & tested systems and technologies are used on the DD Rapid response time: limited time needed to disengage from active drilling and transit distance to spill site. The unit has a 12 knot transit speedSuitable as emergency operations hub or command centre: thanks to her size and excess capacities (storage / accommodation / power)High weather resistance: the DD’s hull size, motion characteristics and full DP3 system enable her to operate safely even under harsh weather conditions in virtually all major drilling basins worldwide16 Summary of DD attributes for oil capture The production system is permanently installed and requires no mobilization / commissioning – hence response time is significantly reducedSince the system is regularly used for well testing there will be more confidence in it performing its oil capture duty when requiredOn board storage of bulk methanol and dispersant chemical simplifies logistics and avoids the need for subsea storage and injection packages Superior economics: as a fully functioning drillship with Early Well Testing / Early Production System capabilities, her earnings capabilities in normal mode should ensure an attractive return on total investmentThe unit is under construction: it can therefore be ready for deployment much sooner than a newbuild unit17 Current status of DD18

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