Who We Are

Alex Scott and Partners is an international full service general practice law firm established in 1985 with more than 20 attorneys practicing in nine locations in Nigeria, Ghana, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. We have a strong team of experienced lawyers who can provide individual clients with a full range of legal services delivered in an understanding, professional and cost-effective manner. Our globally diversified practice strategy is implemented by some of the best legal minds in the field and highest in the industry; individuals committed to doing the hard work necessary to stay one step ahead of the world’s ever changing legal climate.

Alex Scott and Partners also collaborates with a network of highly reputable International Law firms. Through such collaborative efforts, the attorneys at Alex Scott and Partners are able to offer seamless legal and business advice on complex cross border transactions. We take pride in our in-depth market knowledge and our proven track record. Our collective experience and the diligence of our legal team is what sets us apart.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Alex Scott and Partners, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is a business imperative. It is a deliberate attempt to include the public’s interest into our corporate decision making. We believe that our Corporate Social Responsibility is about managing our business in a way that enhances the economic, social and environmental impacts of our services and activities. We recognize that we have an economic, environmental and social impact that goes beyond our core activity. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requires a commitment to balance the interests of our stakeholders who include our clients, our employees and partners, our local communities and the environment.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility to Our Clients

Our clients are at the core of our business at Alex Scott and Partners. We strive to provide excellent legal services with the highest professional and ethical standards while adhering to the highest principles of corporate governance.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility to Our staff

At the Law Office of Alex Scott and Partners, we value diversity in the workplace. We expect and promote mutual respect amongst partners and employees. We foster a work environment and culture where employees and partners are included, developed recognized and rewarded for hard work, dedication and loyalty.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility to Our Local Communities

At Alex Scott and Partners our commitment extends to the many communities in which our partners and employees work and live. We are committed to the principle that we should give back something to these communities. We also recognize that we have a responsibility to use our skills and resources to help people in need. Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy outlines our support for a broad range of activities in areas such as pro bono legal assistance for individuals, community organizations and charities. The Law Office of Alex Scott and Partners currently has an ongoing commitment to support the Lazarus Foundation with its campaign against discrimination for persons living with HIV and AIDS.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility to Our Environment

All businesses should act with respect and consideration for the environment. As part of a rapidly changing global community, the Law office of Alex Scott and Partners recognizes the need for efforts to reduce energy and waste. We have also undertaken to advocate for increased public awareness relating to Climate Change Law and its enforcement.

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